5th Annual Sc2.0 and Synthetic Genomes Conference

Chaired by Jef Boeke

7:30 Registration Opens
8:30 Patrick Cai Welcome; update on Sc2.0 consortium
8:45 Jasper Rine Epigenetic Gene Silencing: Failure is Always an Option
Sc2.0 consortium talks
Chaired by Tom Ellis

9:40 Jef Boeke Overview of Sc2.0 project
9:50 Junbiao Dai Beyond Sc2.0: Re-engineer ChrXI
10:10 Leslie Mitchell Synthesis, debugging and consolidation of synthetic chromosomes in yeast: synVI and beyond
10:30 Chantal Shen Build, scramble and unscramble synthetic yeast chromosomes - Updates of II, VII, & XIII
Coffee Break
Mammalian Synthetic Biology
Chaired by Susan Rosser

11:20 Susan Rosser Mammalian synthetic biology in Edinburgh
11:40 Jamie Davies Engineering for self-organization
12:00 Karen Polizzi Understanding and manipulating mammalian metabolism for the production of therapeutic glycoproteins
12:20 Yvonne Chen Combating Antigen Escape by Malignant B Cells with CD19/CD20 Bispeci c CAR-T– Cell Therapy
12:40 Josh Leonard Enabling design-driven medicine with synthetic biology: engineering programmable cell-based therapies
Lunch Break
Sc2.0 consortium talks
Chaired by Junbiao Dai

2:00 Tom Ellis Synthetic chromosomes for biosynthesis applications
2:20 Jingchuan Luo Design and assembly of synthetic chromosomes VIII and I, and a potential major restructuring of the karyotype
2:40 Matthew Chang Tales of Chromosome XV
3:00 Isak S. Pretorius Solving the Sc2.0 jigsaw puzzle over a glass of Chardonnay
Coffee Break
Lacybte Sponsored "The Network of Foundries"
Chaired by Chris Grimley

4:00 Hille Tekotte Edinburgh Genome Foundry (EGF): Fully automated assembly of large DNA constructs
4:15 James Johnson Genemill: A Platform To Accelerate Discovery In Synthetic Biology.
4:30 Nicola J Patron Blueprints for Green Biotech: The Application of Synthetic Biology to Plants
4:45 Paul Freemont Maker space for Synthetic Biology - the DNA synthesis and construction foundry at Imperial College
Beer Tasting and Poster Session
1.5 hr
6:30 Dynamic Earth closes and transition to Pollock Hall
Dinner and Ceilidh
Pollock Hall
Chaired by Paul Freemont

9:00 Maitreya Dunham Evolving and Engineering Cell Aggregation in Yeast
9:55 Committee Sc2.0 Fellowship Awards
Sc2.0 consortium talks
Chaired by Matthew Chang

10:00 Joel Bader Position-dependent codon bias in yeast
10:20 Roy Walker Designing, Building and Characterising a tRNA Neochromosome
10:40 Romain Koszul Redesigning chromosomes to optimize conformation capture (Hi-C) assays
Coffee Break
Sc2.0 consortium talks
Chaired by Eli Groban

11:20 Lars Steinmetz Transcriptomic heterogeneity: from single yeast cells to SCRaMbLEd genomes.
11:40 YJ Yuan Chemically Synthesized Chromosome V and X
12:00 Michael Shen and Yi Wu SCRaMbLE drives tachytelic evolution in heterozygous diploids
Lunch Break
Sc2.0 Fellowship Flash Talks
Chaired by Sakkie Pretorius

1:30 Gaowen Liu Adaptive evolution to the deletion of essential genes
1:40 William Shaw A platform for developing G protein- coupled receptor-based biosensors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
1:50 Alina Chan HAC’ing Hs2.0
2:00 Héloïse Muller 3D organization of synthetic and scrambled chromosomes
2:10 Zhouqing Luo Establish a “Selector” based method for SCRaMbLE mediated gain-of-function and directed evolution
2:20 Aaron Brooks Genomic and transcriptomic characterization of SCRaMbLEd genomes.
Coffee Break
3:00 Tom Ellis Report from Sc2.0 summer course
3:10 Jef Boeke HGP-Write
Panel: Sc2.0 in context: postcards from a different species
Chaired by Emma Frow

3:30 Jane Calvert; Emma Frow; Debra Mathews; Erika Szymanski
Chaired by Patrick Cai

4:30 Pamela Silver Genetic Circuits and Genome Synthesis
5:25 Jef Boeke Closing Remarks